Thank you for sharing your view on the Naming of New Roads

We invited the community to share their views on the naming of two new roads at a development at 28 Sturt Road, Brighton.

Names were needed for two new roads located within a new housing development that is currently under construction at 28 Sturt Road.

Council can assign a name to a public road under Section 219 of the Local Government Act 1999 and is guided by our Public Place and Road Naming Policy. The policy considers suggestions, including referring to a person who has made a significant community contribution or geographic or natural attributes in the immediate locality.

Seven names were suggested that align with the policy:
  • Citronella
  • Corymbia
  • Hackett
  • Minear
  • Pearson
  • Somerville
  • Wauchope

Read below to learn more about the suggested names.

This engagement has now closed.


Information about the names

The suggested name ‘Citronella’ represents an attribute of a species of tree currently found on the land. The essential oil of the lemon scented gum mainly consists of citronellal, which is known for its pleasant aroma and therapeutic properties.

The suggested name ‘Corymbia’ is in recognition of the botanical name given to the remaining stand of lemon-scented gum trees located along the north eastern and eastern boundary of the new residential estate. The trees were planted last century and represent the only remaining feature on the land that is associated with the previous estate.

Isabel May Hackett (1883 – 1953) is a notable local identity and a philanthropist who spent most of her life at Avenue House on King George Avenue, which is now part of the Minda site. Ms Hackett provided support to the disabled, youth and community of Brighton, donating her property and 35 acres of land to Minda, an organisation close to her heart. Ms Hackett also donated 161 acres of land to the Brighton Council to expand the esplanade and accommodate the expansion of North Brighton Cemetery. Ms Hackett’s last gift was land for the now Brighton Secondary School.

Harold Minear (1928 - 2020) was a highly regarded journalist, theatre critic, advertising executive and writer who resided at 12 Cedar Avenue, Brighton from 1974, which remains the family residence today. Prior to that, Harold and his family lived in Byron Street, Glenelg for ten years. Over many decades, Mr Minear wrote, produced, directed and starred in numerous productions for various Adelaide theatre groups. His first connection with St Jude’s Players – a community theatre group based in Brighton for over 50 years – was in the early 70s. In his many years with St Jude’s, Mr Minear wrote and produced numerous highly regarded shows. He was also elected Chairman and remained a Committee Member and Publicity Officer well into his 80s. Mr Minear was awarded a ‘Life Achievement Award’ in 2009 from the ‘Adelaide Critics Circle’.

Deirdre Minear (1929 - 2024) spent many years working for the Glenelg Retail Traders & Tourism Association as an Events Organiser. Mrs Minear was deeply involved with the organisation of the Miss Glenelg Pageants and the establishment of the first “Mardi Gras” along Jetty Road in the early 1980s. Harold and Deirdre Minear have left an enduring legacy of culture and entertainment for the Brighton and Glenelg community and underlines the strong tradition the City of Holdfast Bay has for the arts today.

The name is in recognition of the Pearson family and its inter-generational service to the Glenelg and Brighton community, and Malcolm ‘Pip’ Pearson in particular, who has served as President and Treasurer of Brighton Over 50’s Club for over 25 years, as well as being a Permanent Senior Member of the Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club. Mr Pearson is a Life Membership of Brighton Lacrosse Club, served as a City of Brighton Councillor from 1985 to 1993, and is a recent recipient of the City of Holdfast Bay ‘Active Citizen Award’. Aside from his community service, Mr Pearson ran the family butcher shop on Brighton Road from 1974 to 1988, which was previously operated by his parents, Darcy and Jen, since 1945. Darcy and Jen’s service to the community extended to sporting and social groups, Brighton High School Council, and countless hours devoted to charity work.

Dorothy Somerville
Dorothy Somerville (1897 – 1992) was an eminent solicitor in South Australia who resided at 154 Esplanade, Brighton since 1925 (Local Heritage Place). Ms Somerville was the third woman admitted to the bar and the most senior female member in the profession for almost sixty years. In 1935 she joined with Mary Kitson, the first woman admitted to the bar, to form Australia’s first female legal partnership. Post this, Ms Somerville practiced as a sole law practitioner, the first female to do so in Australia. Ms Somerville was instrumental in breaking down barriers for future generations of women, serving as Honorary Solicitor from 1925 -1971 to the CWA (SA) and involved herself with Wanslea Inc. (Emergency Homes for Children).

The Wauchope family, led by Charles Patrick Wauchope (1868 – 1932), has a direct association with the land at 28 Sturt Road, being the owners from 1920 to 1957. Charles married Margaret Calder Balfour (1867 – 1911) in 1893, and subsequently, he became Chairman of Directors of the iconic Balfour Wauchope Ltd bakery. The Wauchope family were the first documented European residents of the land at 28 Sturt Road and commissioned the construction of the original homestead in 1922. Charles’ son, Malcolm Wauchope, opened the first dental consulting rooms in Brighton in 1922. His practice was at 486 Brighton Road Brighton, a dental practice is still in existence there today.

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