Annual Business Plan - COVID-19 response

2 months ago

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had a significant impact across all areas of our community, including Council’s business operations.

From the outset, Council has worked diligently to adapt to this unprecedented situation to keep council fully operational. Services have continued, and Council has put in place measures and strategies to support our residents and businesses with the social and economic impacts created by COVID-19.

Immediate support: Financial relief provisions
To support rate payers in the short term, Council has established a range of financial relief provisions to relieve financial pressure and hardship.

This package of financial support measures, which include hardship provisions for residential and commercial rate payers, and the waiving of sporting and community club leases, has a cost to the Council budget of $179,000.

Supporting the recovery: $250,000 COVID-19 Fund
The draft Annual Business Plan includes provision of a new fund that will be used to directly assist businesses and the community recover from COVID-19.
The $250,000 COVID-19 Fund is an investment by Council into the ongoing recovery of our community, and will invest in initiatives that directly support the economic recovery of local businesses and the community. The new fund is in addition to the $179,000 of immediate support and relief measures included in the budget.

Budget planning for 2020/21
In addition to the short and long term financial support measures included in the budget, Council’s non-rate revenue has also been impacted by COVID-19.

Approximately 25% of Council revenue comes from non-rates income, and this commercial revenue helps to keep rates lower. However, the impact of COVID-19 will result in an estimated reduction in non-rate revenue of $766,500.

The 2020/21 budget aims to balance the financial impact of COVID-19 now and in the longer term. Council is committed to maintaining service delivery and the capital works program, which is vital for future economic stimulus as we support our community in the recovery phase. Council has strived to create a flexible, balanced Annual Business Plan that recognises the impact of COVID-19, supports the community in the short and long term, and continues to build a strong and vibrant community.

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