1. What is a DAIP?

    A Disability Access & Inclusion Plan (DAIP) is a document that outlines the way in which Council will ensure that the City of Holdfast Bay has equitable and inclusive access to information, services, activities, facilities and events.

    2. Why do we need a DAIP?

    The Disability Inclusion Act 2018 makes it mandatory for Council to develop a Disability Access & Inclusion Plan (DAIP).

    3. How do we ensure that the DAIP is implemented?

    It is a legislative requirement that the plan is reviewed every four years and reported on annually.

    4. What is the timeframe for developing a DAIP?

    All State and Local Government authorities have until October 2020 to develop a DAIP.  Council aims to have a DAIP in place by July 2020.

    5. Who is developing the DAIP?

    Council has engaged EnvironArc Pty Ltd to develop the DAIP. EnvironArc is a member of the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACA Australia), a national membership-based professional association of people working to achieve accessibility of the built environment for people with a disability. It is the peak national body for access consultancy in Australia and is a major partner in advancing equity of built environmental accessibility for people with a disability.

    6. What is a disability?

    A disability is something that causes total or partial loss of a person’s bodily or mental functioning. It may be visible or hidden, permanent or temporary and may have minimal or substantial impact on a person’s abilities. Some people may have more than one disability.

    A person with disability may be in a wheelchair because a condition has affected their body’s ability to function, or their body may appear to be fine, but they have a sensory deficit, such as being deaf, or they may struggle to learn things, or to communicate easily or have a disorder that sometimes affects their behaviour or emotions.

    7. How can I provide my feedback on disability access in the City of Holdfast Bay?

    The City of Holdfast Bay is seeking the community’s feedback on the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from full participation in council’s facilities, services, activities and events.  Community engagement is open from 18 February to 10 March, and the community can provide their feedback in the following ways:

    ONLINE: www.yourholdfast.com/DAIP

    HARD COPY SURVEYS are available from Brighton and Glenelg libraries, Brighton Civic Centre, Sporting Clubs, Community Centres, Disability Organisations, Local Schools and Aged Care Organisations. 

    8. What information do I need to provide in the survey?

    The survey is seeking factual information about the barriers people face when accessing Council information, facilities, services, activities and events.

    9. What will happen to my feedback?

    The results from this survey will be used to develop a draft DAIP.  All identifying information will be removed to ensure your confidentiality.

    10. How will the plan translate into action?

    The draft document will be shared with the community in a second community consultation phase, expected to take place in April 2020.  Any additional relevant information will be incorporated into the final plan, which will be presented to Council at a meeting in June 2020.  Once endorsed, it will be lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission. 

    11. How long will the plan be for?

    The DAIP will have a four year action plan that will be reported on annually and reviewed at the four year mark, in line with legislative requirements. 

    12. Who can I contact for more information?

    For more information on the development of the DAIP, please visit www.yourholdfast.com/DAIP or contact Monica du Plessis on 8229 9821