What is the bait and tackle vending machine?

    In September 2019, a self-service bait and tackle vending machine was installed on the Esplanade near the Brighton Jetty for a 12 month trial.  The machine facilitates 24 hour access to bait for the local fishing community and general visitors to the area.

    Why was the trial authorised?

    Commercial activities on community land may be authorised if they:

    • supports the local economy; 
    • promotes entrepreneurial activity and innovation; 
    • and attracts visitors to the City

    The proposal aimed to facilitate easy and convenient access to bait for the local fishing community and general visitors to the area with the potential to attract more visitation to the precinct for recreation.

    The machine gives access to bait when traditional shops are closed.  In the last 8 months of operation, data shows that the majority of the sales occur between 5pm and 9am, which is outside tradition retail hours.  

    Where is this business from?

    The vendor ‘How’s Ya tackle’ is a local South Australian business from Port Noarlunga. The machines are manufactured in NSW. More information on the vendor is available at howsyatackle.com.au/

    The vendor already has another four machines within the City of Onkaparinga and Victor Harbour.

    Where is the bait sourced from?

    Eighty nine percent (89%) of the products in the vending machine are from South Australia. The squid is from within the pacific quarantine zone, worms and gents are Australian, the pilchards are South Australian, and the prawns are from NSW.  Nothing in the vending machines is imported from overseas apart from the tackle items which are sourced through local agencies.

    Is live bait sold?

    Most products are frozen with the only live baits being gents (maggots) and worms. These are sold live at any retail bait outlet so, in this regard, the vending machine is supplying bait in the same form and range as any retail bait outlet. Live bait have air in their container and go to sleep when put in the refrigerated machine.

    Is the machine costing money to the community?

    No. The vendor is responsible for the electricity costs associated with the machine’s consumption.The vendor is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the machine, and for cleaning the surrounding area if required.

    How can I provide feedback?

    You can share your feedback by completing the online survey at:

    ONLINE: www.yourholdfast.com/baitmachine


    Writing Submissions – Bait Machine
    Reply Paid 85436
    Brighton, SA 5048

    EMAIL: mail@holdfast.sa.gov.au 

    All feedback must be received by 5pm, Wednesday 3 June 2020. 

    What happens to my feedback?

    The results from this engagement will be used to inform Council on the community views towards the Bait vending machine’s trial and will be considered along with other factors in the review of the project. All personal details provided will be removed from Council reports.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    Fabienne Reilly,
    Team Leader Commercial and Leasing
    City of Holdfast Bay

    tel: 82299999
    email freilly@holdfast.sa.gov 

    What does the community engagement involve?

    The community engagement process is seeking feedback from the general community and users of the bait vending machine to assess:

    • What is the level of support the for the vending machine in the area 
    • Whether the machine and service are relevant to the area and
    • What if any, have been the benefits/concerns for the community.

    What does the machine look like?