Brighton Oval - Project Update 28 November 2019

7 months ago

  • Construction is on track with completion of the Rugby building due mid-January 2020, Lacrosse building scheduled for late April 2020, and Football and Cricket in early June 2020:
  • The internal fittings of the Rugby building is currently being completed and the externals including painting and signage completed next month.
  • Lacrosse building has the tilt up panels erected and the roofing will be completed in the coming weeks.
  • Football and Cricket building foundation is being completed in the next two weeks.

  • Lacrosse lighting proposal has been submitted for development approval. Public notification will take place following this. If approved, tenders will be called for installation in January.
  • Tenders have been called for the upgrade of Rugby car park, half basketball court, landscape and car park lighting. It is expected that work will commence in early February and completed in April 2020. Detailed design for the remainder of the civil works is being developed and tenders called in February 2020.

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