1. What is the Community Centre lease policy?

    The purpose of the Community Centres Leasing Policy is to provide a consistent and transparent process for the granting and renewal of leases to suitably qualified and experienced associations and / or incorporated bodies that manage community centres in the City of Holdfast Bay.

    The policy provides guiding principles for the negotiation of leases, while taking into account both the financial and community objectives of Council, as outlined in “Our Place 2030 Strategic Plan”, as well as achieving the principles of the Social Development Policy. The Policy is also in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the City of Holdfast Bay and each community centre.

    The key principles of the Draft Community Centres Leasing Policy are derived from the Sporting and Community Clubs Leasing Policy and are central to the benefits received by the community. The principles are focused on the long-term viability of the lessee organisations, maximising public access and facility use. In addition, the need for the community centres to be inclusive in all their activities and programs is emphasised too. 

    2. Why is Council considering this draft policy?

    Council acknowledge that community centres are unique in the service they provide to the community, and while other community facilities such as sports clubs have similar objectives and principles, the operation of a community centre differs from other Council owned facilities.  It has therefore been determined that a new leasing policy specific to community centres is required, and council is now seeking the community’s feedback on the draft policy.

    3. How can I provide my feedback?

    The community is invited to provide their feedback on the draft Community Centres Leasing Policy.  Community engagement opens on 16 June with closes at 5pm on 13 July 2019.

    You can provide feedback in the following ways:

    ONLINE www.yourholdfast.com/community-centre-leasing-policy 

    EMAIL mail@holdfast.sa.gov.au with Community Centre Leasing Policy in the header


    Your View: Community Centre Leasing Policy 

    REPLY PAID 85436

    City of Holdfast Bay

    Brighton SA 5048

    FEEDBACK FORMS – Information brochures with feedback forms are available from 

    Brighton and Glenelg libraries, Brighton Civic Centre, and community centres.

    4. What are the factors that determine if this policy will be endorsed?

    Factors include community feedback, current regulations and laws.

    5. What happens now?

    All feedback will help inform the Elected Members to make a decision on whether to endorse the Draft Community Centre Leasing Policy.

    6. What will happen to my feedback?

    All feedback will help inform the Elected Members to make a decision on whether to endorse the Draft Community Centre Leasing Policy.