What is happening at Dover Square Reserve?

    We are undertaking a community engagement process seeking feedback on four proposed options that aim to improve safety and achieve equity of use between all recreational users at Dover Square Reserve.

    Why is council engaging on this project?

    Over recent years there has been two community engagements held at Dover Square Reserve (Proposal for Brighton Community Garden in 2018 and review of Council’s Open Space and Public Realm Strategy in 2018). During these engagements we were made aware of a number of conflicts between different users at Dover Square Reserve. 

    Council have received ongoing requests from community members, Council Elected Members and local Members of Parliament to look into opportunities to resolve conflicts between users and improve equity of use for all users at Dover Square Reserve. This resulted in a Council Motion on Notice being endorsed at the meeting on 25 February 2020, for administration to investigate options to achieve equitable use of the reserve by dog owners and other recreational users

    When will the engagement happen?

    Community engagement is open from Tuesday 25 August to 5pm Sunday 20 September 2020.

    What will the engagement involve?

    This engagement involves the proposal of four options to improve equity of use for all users of Dover Square Reserve. We are asking the community to share feedback on their preferred option. You may choose to suggest a different option or a combination of options, to improve equity of use if you would like to.

    Please click here for a detailed description, including pictures, of the four proposed options

    How can I provide feedback?

    Community engagement is open from Tuesday 25 August to Sunday 20 September 2020. 

    You can share your ideas and feedback by:

    • Completing the online survey at www.yourholdfast.com/doversquare
    • Popping into a Community Drop-In Session anytime between 4pm to 6pm on Wednesday 2 September or 10am to 11.30am on Saturday 12 September 2020. 
    • Collecting a hard copy survey from the Brighton Civic Centre, Brighton or Glenelg Libraries or at a Community Drop-In Session.
    • Requesting a hard copy flyer and survey be sent to your home address by contacting Melissa Priest on 8229 9999 or at mpriest@holdfast.sa.gov.au 

    What will happen to my feedback

    All feedback received during the engagement will be collated and presented at a council meeting to help inform council’s decision. All personal details provided will be removed from Council reports.

    What factors will determine the final option selected for Dover Square Reserve?

    The factors that will be considered in order to determine the preferred option to progress include:

    • The community’s feedback on their preferred option and suggestions around any modifications/combinations of options;
    • Selecting the existing or modified option that is likely to achieve the greatest equity for all users;
    • Accessibility and planning laws;
    • Reserve maintenance requirements;
    • Available budget.

    What is the budget for this project?

    A budget of $60,000 has currently been allocated for site amenities and upgrades. 


    Who can I contact for more information?

    Julia Wallace, Team Leader Sport and Recreation Planning, City of Holdfast Bay 

    Ph: 8229 9999 E: jwallace@holdfast.sa.gov.au 


    Melissa Priest, Youth and Recreation Coordinator, City of Holdfast Bay 

    Ph: 8229 9999 E: mpriest@holdfast.sa.gov.au 

    Is the City of Holdfast Bay considering turning Dover Square into an official dog park?

    No. The four options proposed show a variety of options to improve equity of use by creating greater separation between recreational reserve users and dog exercisers. 

    Option A and C propose to allocate an area of the reserve as excluded for dog use on or off leash. Under these scenarios the remainder of the reserve would remain under current rules, those being that dogs can be off leash at all times as long as they are under effective control.