What is FOGO and what are the benefits?

    What does FOGO mean?

    FOGO stands for, ‘Food Organics Garden Organics’ and is the green-lid bin at home.   Anything that grows belongs in the green-lid bin. This includes all food waste (including meat, fish, bones, fruit, vegetables and bread), soiled paper products (shredded paper, paper towel, tissues and pizza boxes), compostable packaging  and all garden organics (e.g. grass clippings). Material placed in the green-lid FOGO bin is collected by council and taken to a commercial facility where it is turned into compost.

    Why FOGO?

    There are lots of great reasons to put your food scraps in the FOGO bin:

    • Food waste placed in the FOGO bin gets made into compost which is used by farmers to improve the quality and drought-tolerance of South Australian soils.
    • Diverting food waste away from landfill helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, the production of methane, a greenhouse gas with 25 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide.
    • Waste recycling employs more people. The estimated direct FTE employment per 10,000 tonnes of waste is 9.2 for recycling and 2.8 for landfill.
    • By putting food waste in your FOGO bin you’ll also create more space in your landfill bin.

    What foods can I put in the FOGO bin?

    All food scraps are good to FOGO:

    • Fruit and vegetables including citrus
    • Meat
    • Bones
    • Dairy
    • Seafood
    • Egg shells
    • Teabags, tea leaves and coffee grounds
    • Breads and cake

    You can also include:

    • Tissues
    • Paper towel
    • Hair
    • Shredded paper
    • pizza boxes
    • compostable packaging (such as compostable coffee cups)

    Only COMPOSTABLE bags can be used in the FOGO bin.

    How does placing food waste in the FOGO bin reduce council spending?

    Sending waste to landfill is over three times more expensive than the cost of processing organics into compost. By placing your food waste into the FOGO bin, landfill volumes and associated spending on SA Waste Levy and landfill fees are reduced.

About the weekly FOGO trial

    What is the ‘Say Yes to weekly FOGO’ project?

    In January 2020 the City of Holdfast Bay’s Elected Members endorsed the support of an application to Green Industries SA for grant funding to support a pilot project to implement a trial of weekly FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bin collection. 

    The trial began in September 2020 and is to approximately 1000 households in Kingston Park, Seacliff and parts of Somerton Park and North Brighton on a voluntary opt in basis. 

    Households in the trial zones can volunteer to take part in the trial, and have their green-lid FOGO bins collected weekly, to make recycling food waste more convenient.  Those households will have their red-lid landfill bins collected fortnightly during the trial.

    What will happen in the weekly FOGO pilot program?

    The voluntary opt in pilot will involve switching kerbside bin collection frequencies of the 240L FOGO (green lid) bin to weekly and the 140L landfill (red lid) bin to fortnightly in order to increase the amount of food waste being recycled via FOGO bins.

    The pilot will be open the first 1000 households who sign up within the two pilot zones within the allocated Monday and Wednesday bin collection day zones of Kingston Park, Seacliff and Somerton Park (link to maps)

    Households in the pilot will also be provided with extra collections over Christmas to help residents manage their extra waste volumes.

    Who can take part in the weekly FOGO trial?

    Up to 1,000 households in the trial zones can register to participate in the trial.

    The trial zones include four suburbs in the Holdfast Bay area – Kingston Park, Seacliff and parts of Somerton Park and North Brighton.  To check if you household is eligible, please check the zone maps or call us on 8229 9999.

    When will the Say Yes to weekly FOGO trial take place?

    Households can register to take part in the trial from 24 August 2020.

    The 12 months trial will begin on the week commencing 21 September 2020 and will end in September 2021.

    How do I sign up for the FOGO trial?

    Households can sign up to participate through the website www.holdfastfogo.com 

    Once signed up for the trial, households will receive a welcome pack including a new waste calendar fridge magnet, a welcome letter and  FOGO and landfill bin stickers. These stickers assist the bin truck in identifying which households are a part of the pilot as well as promote the households involvement.

    Participating households are invited to become “FOGO champions” through sharing their story on www.holdfastfogo.com or through Facebook posts. This can be done through sending in a photo of members of the household taking part in short social media videos produced by the FOGO team at Holdfast Bay.

    What are the benefits of weekly FOGO collections?

    There are many benefits including:

    • increasing food recycling rates,
    • reducing associated landfill greenhouse gas emissions,
    • reducing associated smell from FOGO bins, by collecting food and garden organics on a weekly basis,
    • assisting in growing the circular economy through the processing and return of nutrient rich compost back into our South Australian soils.

    Why is City of Holdfast Bay undertaking this trial FOGO program?

    While Holdfast Bay residents are one of the best recyclers in South Australia, 20-30% of material placed in the landfill bin is food. Food waste belongs in the green-lid FOGO bin.

    Providing a weekly FOGO service (green-lid bin) and a fortnightly landfill (red-lid bin) service will actively encourage the community to place more food waste in their FOGO bin, where it belongs.

    Increasing the amount of food waste sent to be composted is both more cost effective and environmentally sustainable than continuing to send food waste to landfill. Food processed as compost supports on average four times more jobs for our community than disposing to landfill.

    How many households will take part in the pilot program?

    The trial will be rolled out to approximately 1000 households within the trial zones on a voluntary opt-in basis. This means households must sign up for the program via the website www.holdfastfogo.com or face to face through a door knocking process that will start in August.

    Will every household in the weekly FOGO trial zones be forced to take part in the pilot program?

    No. Participation in the trial is completely voluntary.

    I have a large household and/or concerns about the disposal of nappies or sanitary products. Is there any additional support available for me to participate in the weekly FOGO trial?

    We understand that not all households are the same. So, the trial will give some choice and flexibility to households if they need a bigger bin. Households with more than five people and/or those with concerns about the disposal of nappies or sanitary products may be eligible for an additional 140L landfill or 240L recycling bin.

    Subsidies of 50% up to $100 will also be offered for the purchase of cloth and modern cloth nappies for those households through the Green Living Subsidies program. Households will also be offered additional rolls of compostable bags and a new kitchen organic basket if required.  

    If you would like to discuss an additional service please contact our Environment Officer Shani Wood on 8229 9999 or via email at fogo@holdfast.sa.gov.au

    How much will the weekly FOGO trial cost and how is it funded?

    The total cost of the trial is estimated at $230,800.

    The project is funded by a grant of $97,900 from Green Industries SA along with $132,900 from the City of Holdfast Bay, comprising $77,000 cash and $55,000 of in-kind salaries.  

    Has a weekly FOGO trial been done elsewhere?

    Yes! Many councils in NSW provide a weekly FOGO and fortnightly residual waste services. These councils have achieved good recycling levels for food waste. If councils in NSW can do it, we can do it too.

    This service model was also trialled in Melville Council (Perth) and was very successful, increasing the recycling rate in the trial area to over 64%. 

    But this will be the first ever weekly FOGO trial in South Australia. 

    How will the City of Holdfast Bay measure if the weekly FOGO trial has been a success?

    Pre, mid and end physical audits of bins in the pilot zones will be conducted, along with recording of bin truck load weights, in order to determine if there has been an increase in FOGO being diverted away from landfill.

    Households participating in the pilot will have their FOGO and landfill bins visually inspection at least three times throughout the trial. Households found to have no recycling and organics matter in their landfill bin and food scraps in their FOGO bin will go in the running to win one of 30 $100 Jetty Road Glenelg gift cards. 

    Surveys of participating households will also be undertaken throughout the trial to gather community feedback.

    If you do not wish to have your bins audited or visually inspected please contact our Environment Officer Shani Wood on 8229 9999 or via email at fogo@holdfast.sa.gov.au

    What are the objectives of the trial?

    The trial aims to understand how the changes to kerbside collections impacts the levels of food waste recycling, comingled recycling and whether there is a reduction of waste to landfill.  It will also determine how well the piloted kerbside model works for the community, examine community satisfaction levels, quantify the benefits and costs (financial and environmental), and determine other choices and flexibility that may impact the level of usage of FOGO bins.

    A detailed report summarising the results of the trial will be provided to council along with any recommendations for future projects.

    How do I become a FOGO Champion?

    If you are interested in helping promote our bin trial we would love to have you on board as a FOGO Champion.

    FOGO Champions have their picture on our holdfastfogo.com webpage in a "Say Yes to FOGO" top and the option of appearing on other social media channels in a short 30 second video.

    If you are interested in becoming a FOGO Champion please contact our Environmental Office Shani Wood on 8229 9999 or via email fogo@holdfast.sa.gov.au 

    Who can I contact for more information on the weekly FOGO trial?

    For more information on the trial,  contact Shani Wood, Environmental Officer at City of Holdfast Bay on 8229 9999 or email fogo@holdfast.sa.gov.au

    I don't have a FOGO (green) wheelie bin, how do I get one?

    If your property has never had a FOGO green-lid wheelie bin, please call our Waste Hotline on (08) 8295 5077 to set up a new service.

    If your FOGO bin has been stolen please fill in a missing bin form

    What do I do if I don't have a kitchen caddy or I have run out of compostable bags?

    Households who sign up to participate in the weekly FOGO collection trial will have the option of having a new kitchen caddy and/or roll of compostable bags delivered with their welcome pack.

    Kitchen organic bins and compostable bags are available for City of Holdfast Bay residents from the Brighton Civic Centre and Glenelg Library.

    Each household is entitled to one free caddy and one free roll of 75 compostable bags per year (proof of residency must be provided). Additional rolls of 75 bags can be purchased for $4.80.