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Glenelg Foreshore Playspace Upgrades - $236,610

The City of Holdfast Bay’s 2020-21 Annual Business Plan highlights repair and upgrade of infrastructure in the City’s reserves and playgrounds including the replacement of several items at the popular Glenelg Foreshore Playspace. The existing materials used for the playspace require consideration of alternative products as they are now due for replacement. Since the Glenelg Foreshore Playspace was opened to the community in 2016, it has received a high volume of usage, above what was anticipated during the design phase. The higher than expected usage, and the extreme weather conditions at this location (high winds, sand and sea spray) has resulted in the premature deterioration of several components of the playspace, especially the timber play features.

These items will be replaced by new timber play equipment and the sand softfall will be replaced with rubber softfall. The rubber softfall will enable the playspace to be more accessible and ensure longevity of the equipment considering the location's environment. New timber equipment will be installed, as well as three new inclusive trampolines and musical play equipment.

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