Stage 2: New Change Rooms

28 July 2020

September 2021: Changeroom now open!

The new changeroom building includes:

  • 2 new unisex changerooms, which have the flexibility to be divided into four smaller changeroom2 unisex umpire rooms
  • 2 physio/massage rooms for players
  • DDA-compliant public toilet
  • Improved oval access for the Glenelg Primary School

Importantly the new changerooms meet modern standards for State level football and cricket set by the SANFL and Cricket Australia. This will help cater to the continued growth in female participation in football and cricket, along with strong growth with junior participation. The change rooms will also enable Glenelg Oval to host a wide range of events that require modern unisex change rooms.

July 2021: Update

Construction of the new uni-sex changerooms at Glenelg Oval is well underway, with the modular building being delivered to the site.

The 4 uni-sex changerooms, umpire rooms, and public DDA toilets are now being fitted out, followed by landscaping.

The expected completion date is set for mid-September and ready for use by the Glenelg District Cricket Club for the upcoming season.

Both the Glenelg Football Club and Cricket Club will enjoy amazing new facilities designed to be used by males, females, juniors, and senior players and officials. This project was made possible through the financial contributions of the State and Federal Governments in conjunction with the City of Holdfast Bay.

March 2021: Update

The sod has been officially turned at Glenelg Oval for the construction of two new state-level unisex, multi-sporting code-compliant change rooms. Works will commence soon and it is anticipated to be constructed by August 2021.

The project is being funded by the City of Holdfast Bay, as well as both the State and Federal Governments. The total project cost will be approximately $1.263M, funding breakdown is as follows:

  • State Government - $487,000 (Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing’s Grassroots Facilities Program)
  • City of Holdfast Bay - $476,000
  • Federal Government - $300,000 (Community Development Grants Program)

Stage 2: New Changerooms

Stage 2 is the development of new unisex changerooms for all oval users, primary users being the Glenelg Football Club and Glenelg District Cricket Club. The scope of work include:

  • Construction of two new state-level female-friendly (Unisex) changerooms with the flexibility to be divided into four smaller changerooms
  • Umpire amenities
  • Storage facilities
  • Accessible toilet
  • Training/massage and first aid facilities
  • Improved players races

The above scope will meet the minimum requirements from the AFL Preferred Facility Guidelines and Cricket Australia’s Community Cricket Facility Guidelines for state-level facility.

View the master plan here