Stage 1A - Holdfast Tennis Club Redevelopment

29 May 2020

In 2017, following Community and Sporting Club Engagement, Council endorsed the Glenelg Oval Master Plan. The plan identifies the key issues and challenges of the site and provides direction and staging options for the development of the Oval precinct. The plan provides a clear vision and direction for the site that enables Council to plan for its future enhancement and improvement.

Key Stakeholders of the Glenelg Oval Precinct include, Glenelg District Cricket Club, Glenelg Football Club and Glenelg Primary School. The Holdfast Tennis Club is part of the Glenelg Oval Precinct. This redevelopment is Stage 1A of the precinct master plan.

A staged approached for the development and implementation was identified, with Stage 1A being redevelopment of the Holdfast Tennis Club on the Eastern side of the precinct. Scope of works include:

  • Construction of new tennis clubrooms
  • Redevelopment and realignment of all existing tennis courts (including the two community courts)
  • Improved lighting of the courts and fencing/gates
  • Landscaping

The City of Holdfast Bay has committed $1,253,349 for the project. With a $15,000 grant from Tennis SA. The redeveloped Holdfast Tennis Club will provide a high-quality sport and recreation facility for the community. The new clubroom and improved courts will increase participation and foster participation across all ages. The new building, leased by the tenant club, will be a community facility available for hire.


Construction will start in June 2020, with the construction of the new clubrooms, upgrade to the eight courts and new lighting and fencing. It is anticipated the redevelopment of Stage 1A - Holdfast Tennis Club will be completed in November 2020 (26 week work schedule).