Holdfast Tennis Club Redevelopment

    Where is The Holdfast Tennis Club?

    The Holdfast Tennis Club is located at 15 Williams Avenue, Glenelg East. The facility includes 8 tennis courts, including two community and clubrooms. Margaret Messenger Reserve is also adjacent to the community courts, providing green open space for unstructured activity.

    About the Holdfast tennis Club?

    The spirit and passion of members is the hallmark of the Holdfast Tennis Club. From its inception in 1902 until the present day this has not altered. The Holdfast Tennis Club has a strong base of 140 registered members with 7 senior teams and 15 junior teams. This makes the Club one of the largest club in the district with an optimistic and vital future.

    Is the Holdfast Tennis Club available for general community use?

    Yes. There are eight courts at the facility, with two designated community courts. The community will also be able to book the new clubrooms for events and functions outside of club bookings/use. Margaret Messenger sits adjacent to the community courts (Northern end) and provides open green space for unstructured activity.   The new clubrooms will be leased by the tenant club. Hire arrangements will be detailed in the club leases.  

    How much will the redevelopment of the Holdfast Tennis Club cost?

    The total cost of the redevelopment is: $1,253,349

    Who is funding the Holdfast tennis Club redevelopment?

    The City of Holdfast Bay has committed $1,253,349 for the project.

    When will the redevelopment happen?

    Construction of the clubrooms and upgrade of the eight courts is anticipated to start in June 2020, with the aim for October completion. Ready for the summer season.

    Will the Holdfast Tennis Club be accessible during construction?

    No – all eight courts are being upgraded and the building demolished and rebuilt. Margaret Messenger Reserve will still be open for the community to use (albeit the storage container, backing onto the community courts fencing – Southern end).

    Will the Holdfast Tennis Club be able to continue to play during the construction?

    The construction program is being planned to minimize disruption to the club and 

    community as much as possible. The program has been planned in consultation with the club to work around their busy summer season. Construction will take place during the winter season from June through to October 2020. The club have arranged to hire the Brighton High School Courts. 

    Will there be an increase in car parking?

    To provide improved traffic flow on Williams Avenue, Council is proposing to widen the road, between the Emu crossing and Rugless Terrace. The road widening will provide for two traffic lanes and retain parking on both sides of the road. The increased road width will also improve access to driveways as there will be increased road space to manoeuvre.

    The proposed changes will only result in one car park being removed on the western side of the road as a kerb protuberance needs to be built around a stobie pole.

    The existing School Zone and Emu crossing will be retained (and Sharrow pavement markings will be installed on the road to highlight the presence of people cycling and to remind motorists to share the road safely.

    Sharrows do not affect parking or vehicle access. They are intended to position cyclists away from parked cars and opening doors; alert other road users to expect cyclists; and, make it easy for cyclists to follow a route.

    Will the facilities be DDA compliant?

    Yes, the new building will be DDA compliant.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    Chloe Drogemuller – Community Recreation and Sport Coordinator 


    8229 9999