What is the Glenelg Town Hall Conservation Project?

    In order to preserve the historic Glenelg Town Hall and ensure the continued operability of the building, a series of staged conservation works has been planned.  Stage 1 of the conservation work, which will begin in Spring 2019, involves the restoration of the building’s southern façade, clock tower (external & internal) and part of the building’s eastern façade.

    How old is the Glenelg Town Hall?

    State Heritage listed Glenelg Town Hall is an iconic Glenelg landmark. Designed by notable Adelaide architect Edmund Wright, the foundation stone was laid on 11 December 1875 by Sir Henry Ayers. A cupola (rounded dome atop the tower) was added to house the clock donated by Mayor Thomas King in 1884. 

    What renovations are happening?

    Stage 1 of the project involves the conservation of the Glenelg Town Hall’s southern façade, clock tower (external & internal) and part of the building’s eastern façade.

    The stage 1 works include:

    o  Removal of the existing clock faces and the casting of four new clock faces.

    o  Refurbishment of the entire clock mechanism.

    o  Removal of existing cement render material throughout the clock tower, undertake measures to address the ongoing moisture issues within the exterior walls and re-render the internal surfaces.

    o  Removal of the old paint system from the exterior of the building and repaint with a breathable mineral silicate paint product.

    o  Replacement of the lead roof on the cupola that has reached end of life.

    o  Repairs and repointing of the stonework.

    When will the conservation work take place?

    Stage 1 of the Glenelg Town Hall conservation will take place from October 2019 and will take approximately six months.

    How much will the project cost?

    Stage 1 of the conservation works are estimated to cost $1million and is fully funded by the City of Holdfast Bay.

    Will the Glenelg Town Hall look different after the conservation work is complete?

    The Glenelg Town Hall and clock tower will not look any different structurally or architecturally. There will be a colour change to the painted features of the building returning to a palette that is more in keeping with the heritage of the building.    

    When did renovations of the Glenelg Town Hall last take place?

    The clock tower underwent a series of conservation and remedial works in the mid-1990’s and the remainder of the Glenelg Town Hall was for the most part refurbished as part of the Bay Discovery Centre upgrades in 2000/01. 

    Will the Bay Discovery Centre and Visitor Information Centre remain open?

    The Bay Discovery Centre museum and gallery, the Visitor Information Centre, and the Boomers café, all located at the Glenelg Town Hall will remain open for the duration of the stage 1 conservation project. 

    Where can I find out more information?

    For more information visit yourviewholdfast.com/glenelgtownhall or contact City of Holdfast Bay on 8229 9999.