What are the gullies in Holdfast Bay?

    The City of Holdfast Bay has three gullies, which are three of four designated natural areas in our city. They are natural spaces for the community to enjoy and provide habitats for local wildlife and plants.

    • Barton Gully is located in Kingston Park between Barton Avenue, Forrest Avenue and Burnham Road. A small portion of southern end of Barton Gully is within the City of Marion. It has an area of approximately 1.3 hectares that follows an ancient watercourse, providing linkages between the coastal reserve and the beach. The area is significant to Kaurna people, who would camp in the region particularly during summer months.

    • Gilbertson Gully is located adjacent Gilbertson Road at Seacliff Park. It has an area of around 3.3 hectares. Gilbertson Gully is immediately downstream of Gully Road North Reserve in the City of Marion. It is a long, narrow natural space that follows an ancient watercourse. After European settlement, the gully was progressively cleared and much of the original native vegetation has gone. In the last 50 years, efforts by the local community and council have helped to revegetate the gully, but there are still opportunities to further improve the biodiversity by removing weeds and planting appropriate local native species.

    • Pine Gully is located between Kingston Crescent, Myrtle Road and Pine Avenue in Kingston Park.  Pine Gully is a natural, steeply sloped space that follows an ancient watercourse and it is likely that the area was visited by Kaurna people. After European settlement, the gully had some of the native vegetation cleared. Non-native plants, such as Aleppo Pines, were replanted in some areas to stabilise the steep slopes.

    What is the purpose of the gully masterplans?

    The purpose of the masterplans is to have high-level plans that set the objectives and strategies to manage the gullies for the community for the next three to five years.

    Why do we need gully masterplans?

    Managing the gullies to ensure sustainable use into the future is a priority for the City of Holdfast Bay. The masterplans have involved an assessment of opportunities and constraints, together with reviews of the environment, landscape and infrastructure. The recommendations that have been developed will protect and enhance the local biodiversity, improve access and safety for the community and improve amenity and beauty of all three gullies. The masterplans provide directions to ensure sustainable and safe use of all three gullies for future generations.

    How can I provide feedback?

    You can provide feedback by 

    • Mail: Reply paid 85436
      Gullies Masterpans
      City of Holdfast Bay
      PO Box 19
      Brighton SA 5048

    • In person : return to Brighton Civic Centre (24 Jetty Road, Brighton) or Brighton or Glenelg Library (you can use the library 24 hour return chutes).

    • Online : www.yourholdfast.com/gullies

    • Email : mail@holdfast.sa.gov.au (with the subject header: Draft Gullies Masterplan feedback)

    All feedback must be received by 5pm, Wednesday 5 May 2021

    What happens to my feedback?

    The feedback from this engagement will be collated and all feedback will be taken into consideration for possible inclusion into the final Gullies Masterplans.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    Team Leader Environment & Coast
    City of Holdfast Bay
    08 8229 9915