How can I provide feedback?

    You can share your feedback by:

    Online - Complete the survey online at

    Writing - Write to:
    City of Holdfast Bay
    PO Box 19
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    Or hand a letter with your feedback in at Brighton Civic Centre (24 Jetty Road, Brighton) or at the Brighton or Glenelg libraries.

    Email - Send an email with the subject line 'Proposal to rename Hindmarsh Lane' to 

    Telephone - Calling the Customer Service team on 8229 9999

    All feedback must be received by 5pm, Sunday 14 November 2021.

    What happens to my feedback?

    The results from this engagement will be collated in a report summary. The results will be presented to Council to help inform their decision. All personal details provided will be removed from council reports.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    Please call Customer Service on 8229 9999 or email

    Who was Mikki Bouchee?

    councilor Mikki BoucheeMikki Bouchee was first elected to council in 1987, when it was still the City of Glenelg. She served four years as a councillor and four years as Alderman. She went on to represent her community in the City of Holdfast Bay for 18 years and was Deputy Mayor from 2015-2016.

    Mikki was an Elected Member for the Somerton Ward until her passing in July 2021.

    Who was Governor Hindmarsh?

    Governor HindmarshSir John Hindmarsh (1785-1860) was the first Governor of South Australia. Hindmarsh's proclamation on 28 December 1836, In Glenelg, announced the commencement of colonial government and stated that Aborigines were to be treated justly and were 'equally entitled to the privileges of British subjects'. Although most South Australians have been taught that Hindmarsh's proclamation created the colony, it did not. William IV, having been empowered by an Act of Parliament in August 1834, in February 1836 Letters Patent 'Erected and Established' the Province of South Australia.

    Where is Hindmarsh Lane?

    Hindmarsh Lane is a walkway located off Jetty Road, Glenelg, between Nile Street and Waterloo Street.

    What is the history behind the naming of Hindmarsh Lane ?

    The street was named after Governor John Hindmarsh was the first Governor of South Australia. No other landmark (monument, plaque, reserve, park, or street) is dedicated to Governor Hindmarsh in Holdfast Bay.

    It is noted in the book, Historic Glenelg by W Jeans, published in 1979 that the naming of the streets that “Governor Hindmarsh appears to have been Honoured only in the naming of  Hindmarsh Street- not a very important thoroughfare.”


    Though referred to as Hindmarsh Lane, it is legally Hindmarsh Street. The lane is the last remnants of a service street that extended from Jetty Road to Augusta Square and has existed since at least 1856. It mirrors other service streets in the layout of old Glenelg (drawn by Colonel William Light in 1839), including Soul Street to the west. Hindmarsh Street likely serviced properties, including farmland, which fronted Nile Street Glenelg.


    Hindmarsh Street originally extended from Jetty Road (then Shakespeare Terrace) to the south of Augusta Square. It also likely extended beyond the square on the north toward ANZAC Highway (then Adelaide Road).


    By 1929, Coles purchased sections of Hindmarsh Street and built a Coles supermarket. Coles began as a business in Australia in 1914. Coles also likely purchased the Hindmarsh Street land from Council, turning this portion of Hindmarsh Street into car parking. The extension of Hindmarsh Street, to the north of Augusta Square, was also sold off for private ownership.