Why does Council need an Environment Strategy?

    Council is committed to developing an Environment Strategy to:

    • Provide a clear framework for our environmental work.
    • Build an actionable and achievable strategy to deliver on the Environment pillar of our Strategic Plan.
    • Help to prioritise Council’s investment in environmental programs and guide Council’s role.
    • Engage and motivate the community to be forward thinking and involved in environmental care.

    How can I share my view?

    The City of Holdfast Bay is seeking the community’s input and feedback on the draft Environment Strategy .  Community engagement is open from 7 July to 28. The public can provide their feedback in the following ways:


    EMAIL mail@holdfast.sa.gov.au with Environment Strategy in the header


    Your Holdfast: Our Environment
    REPLY PAID 85436
    City of Holdfast Bay
    BRIGHTON SA 5048

    What will happen to my feedback?

    All feedback received during the engagement period will be collated and presented in a report to council.  The feedback from Phase 2 engagement will be analysed and will inform the final modifications required to the Environment Strategy, which will then be reviewed by Elected Members for endorsement.

    How will the Environment Strategy be used?

    The Strategy will guide Council activity and investment in environmental management over the next five years. An internal review of the Strategy will be undertaken at least annually to review progress and guide continual improvement.

    Will the Environment Strategy address all environmental issues?

    The aim of the Strategy is to provide a framework for Council’s role in protecting and enhancing the local environment. The plan will not necessarily capture all environmental projects in the region that are being undertaken through State Government or other organisations. This Plan focusses on the areas over which Council has an influence in environmental management and how Council can best support the efforts of other agencies and our community.

    How can I get involved in Council’s environmental programs?

    We acknowledge the important and invaluable contribution that volunteers make in helping to build a rich and healthy local environment. For opportunities on how to get involved visit our environmental volunteering page www.holdfast.sa.gov.au /environmental-volunteering

    What is Council currently doing to help protect our environment?

    Council has a number of policies, strategies and plans that address certain environmental concerns including a Waste Management Policy, Tree Management Plan, Water Sensitive Urban Design Master Plan, and Resilient South Climate Change Adaptation Local Adaptation Plan and Master Plans for council’s three natural gully areas.

    On 9 October 2019, City of Holdfast Bay Elected Members resolved to recognise that the world is in a state of climate emergency and that all levels of government have a responsibility to act.

    The environment team are responsible for the development and implementation of a number of environmental programs including;

    • Conservation of natural areas and dunes through biodiversity restoration works, environmental volunteer coordination and protection of rare species including the beach nesting Hooded Plover
    • Management of the urban forest through managing tree health and Water Sensitive Urban Design.
    • Waste education and projects including community talks, development of various educational materials, coordinating visual bin inspections and promotion of the FOGO (Food Organics and Green Organics) system.
    • Supporting sustainable living through delivery of our Green Living Workshops, Green Living Subsidies and Greening Our Community Grants
    • Climate change mitigation and adaptation works

    How can I view the draft Environment strategy

    You can view the draft strategy at the Brighton and Glenelg libraries and the Brighton Civic Centre at 24 Jetty Road, Brighton.

    or here online at 

    Who can I contact for more information?

    Alex Gaut, Team Leader Environment & Coastal, City of Holdfast Bay

    Ph: 8229 9999 E: agaut@holdfast.sa.gov.au