What is the proposed Smoke Free Council Facilities Policy?

    The draft smoke free policy proposes that smoking will not be permitted on the grounds or in any structure of any City of Holdfast Bay council owned facility, park, reserve, sporting facility, or community centre.   

    Where can I get a copy of the Draft Smoke Free Council Faculties Policy

    You can download a copy of the Draft Smoke Free council Faculties Policy

    or copies are available at the Brighton Civic Centre, Glenelg and Brighton Libraries

    Does the draft policy include all types of smoking?

    Yes. This includes the smoking of any tobacco product and any product that does not contain tobacco but is designed for smoking, for example e-cigarettes/vaping.

    Does this include when sporting games are on?

    Yes. A smoke free policy would cover the whole of the site of the Council facility, no matter what activity is happening.

    How can I share my view?

    Community engagement is open from 22 October to 11 November, and the public can provide their feedback in the following ways:

    ONLINE  www.yourholdfast.com/smoke-free-policy

    EMAIL mail@holdfast.sa.gov.au with Smoke Free Council Facilities Policy in the header


    Your Holdfast: Smoke Free Council Facilities Policy

    REPLY PAID 85436
    City of Holdfast Bay
    Brighton SA 5048

    FEEDBACK FORMS – Information brochures with feedback forms are available from

    Brighton and Glenelg libraries, Brighton Civic Centre, sporting clubs and community centres.

    Is this a legislative consultation?

    Yes - Council is required to undertake mandatory consultation steps when council develop policies on orders (Section s.259 of The Local Government Act 1999).

    What will happen to my feedback?

    All feedback received during the engagement period will be collated and presented in a report to Council.  The feedback will help inform the Elected Members to make a decision on whether to endorse The Draft Smoke Free Council Facilities Policy. 

    If the policy is endorsed, how would smoke free areas be managed?

    a) The community will be informed of the smoking policy through signs posted throughout the property and defined in any hire contract’s or lease terms and conditions of use.

    b)  In the first instance, an explanation of the smoke free policy is to be provided to the person / people who is infringing the policy; and

    c)  Continued non-compliance will result in the offender being asked to leave the venue / premises by an official of the club or association. If they continue to smoke and fail to leave, they will be trespassing and the police can be called.

    In what areas is smoking currently banned in South Australia?

    Smoking is currently banned in:

    • Outdoor dining areas
    • Vehicles when a child under 16 years present
    • Enclosed public areas and workplaces
    • Playgrounds
    • Public transport waiting areas
    • Declared smoke-free outdoor areas and events

    A public place includes:

    • shopping malls
    • hospitality venues including pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and the casino
    • enclosed sports or recreation areas
    • other enclosed workplaces

    Who do I contact for more information?


    Community Development Coordinator

    City of Holdfast Bay

    08  8229 9999