Seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) for Tram 361

**EOIs have now closed**

After extensive community consultation on the concept design for the former Buffalo site, a final concept has been approved, excluding the tram from being retained onsite.

Results from community consultation indicated that despite the preference of a design that removes the tram from site, there is still historical and community attachment to the tram.

Given these results, whilst it is not viable to keep the tram in its current location, it is important for Council to find a suitable home which will benefit the community.

Therefore, Tram 361 will be offered to the public through an Expression of Interest (EOI) process, providing opportunities for the community to preserve the heritage value of the tram and or optimise its tourism potential or by providing community benefits through its reuse. To guide the EOI process, key principles will be:

  • To celebrate and recognise the iconic history of the tram
  • To enable long term preservation of Tram 361
  • Achieve community benefit through repurposing, ideally within the City of Holdfast Bay.

Fun Facts

Assessment Criteria

Criteria and weighting will guide the EOI process. Proposed criteria and weighting of the EOI will be:

    1. Proposal details, including how the tram will be used, retention of historical value, uniqueness and innovation. (25%)
    2. Community benefit through accessibility to the general public (i.e. target market, opening hours, entry fee, DDA considerations, booking requirements etc). (25%)
    3. Preference towards the tram being relocated within the City of Holdfast Bay or nearby. (30%)
    4. Environmental, social and sustainability initiatives. (10%)
    5. Local economic development including supporting or partnering with businesses located in the City of Holdfast Bay. (10%)

Scoring will utilise the selection criteria and weightings to assess the responses to the questions by the applicants. Questions that require a subjective assessment against the criterion will have a sliding scale:

    • 0% - Not satisfied
    • 25% - Somewhat satisfied
    • 50% - Half satisfied
    • 75% - Mostly satisfied
    • 100% - Fully satisfied

Once the individual scores have been completed they are multiplied by the weighting for each criteria. The weighted scores for each criteria are totalled to obtain each individual panel member’s score for the application.

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