Who can I contact for more information?

    Melissa Priest, Youth and Recreation Officer, ph: 8229 9999, e: mpriest@holdfast.sa.gov.au 

    When is construction occuring?

    Construction of the new playspace and fitness hub is scheduled to occur between 6 April to 30 September 2020.

    What are the next steps for the project?

    Detailed designs for the new Wigley Reserve Playspace and Fitness Hub have been finalised and endorsed by Council, ready for construction. Council will go out to Open Tender for a contractor to supply and install the new playspace and fitness hub and landscaping based on these detailed designs. Construction is planned to place between April and September 2020. 

    How have the designs for this space been created?

    The detailed designs for the new Wigley Reserve Playspace and Fitness Hub have been created utilising feedback collected from community members during two phases of community engagement. This engagement included; school workshops, an online survey and community drop in sessions.

    What will the new playspace and fitness hub include?

    Features of the new playspace and fitness hub:

    ·  Steel mesh climbing tunnel

    ·  In-ground carousel

    ·  Swings- basket swing, double swing, Viking swing

    ·  Slides- tunnel slide and junior wide slide

    ·  Log climbing structure

    ·  In-ground trampolines

    ·  10 fitness stations- balance beam, box jump, parallel bars, 6 station mixed gym (moving parts)

    ·  Drink fountain

    ·  Bike racks

    ·  Custom shade structure

    ·  Fencing- partial

    ·  Sensory nature trail

    ·  Spinning globes

    ·  Stepping boulders

    What is a fitness hub?

    A fitness hub is an assortment of fitness stations located in a central location for community members to access.

    Will the existing playspace and fitness equipment be closed during construction?

    Yes the existing playspace and fitness equipment has reached the end of their asset life and will be closed for 6 months (April to September 2020) during the construction of the new space.

    While this space is closed you might like to visit other nearby playspaces:

    ·  Glenelg Foreshore Playspace, Glenelg

    ·  Patawilya Reserve- Adelphi Cres, Glenelg North

    ·  Old Gum Tree Reserve- MacFarlane St, Glenelg North

    ·  Parkinson Reserve- Darwin St and Alison St, Glenelg North

    ·  Partridge House Gardens- Partridge St, Glenelg

    Why is the existing play and fitness equipment at Wigley Reserve Playspace and Fitness Hub being redevelopment/replaced?

    The existing playspace and fitness equipment has reached the end of its asset life and is ready for replacement.  The quantity and range of visitors to Wigley Reserve has increased significantly since the installation of the current playspace in 2008 and the existing equipment no longer meets the needs of the local community and visitors to the reserve. The new playspace and fitness hub will cater for larger numbers and a wider range of interests, ages and abilities. Wigley Reserve is accessible via public transport and walking and cycling tracks adding to the reasons why this site is the perfect location for a unique large scale playspace and fitness hub.

    Glenelg is a major tourism destination, attracting 1.4million visitors per year.

    What is the budget for this project?

    The total budget for this project is $1,000,000.  A Council budget of $500,000 has been allocated for this project along a $500,000 grant through the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure's Open Space and Places for People Grant Programs.  

    How does the $1,000,000 budget compare to other similar sized projects?

    Similar size playspaces including recreation and/or fitness equipment:

    ·  Hendrie Street Reserve Inclusive Playground, Oaklands Park- $1,000,000

    ·  Point Malcolm Reserve, Semaphore Park- $1,200,000

    ·  Weigall Oval, Plympton Stage 1- $1,500,000

    ·  Cobbler Creek, Salisbury Heights- $1,00,000

    ·  Wilfred Taylor Reserve, Morphett Vale Playspace- $1,300,000

    ·  Heron Way Reserve Playground, Hallett Cove- $1,650,000 (cost also includes carpark)

    Why will the new playspace only have partial fencing?

    Fencing is being provided along two sides of the playspace along the north and west boundaries located closest to the water’s edge and cycling / walking path.  There are many benefits to offering open playspaces that allow children and families to interact with the adjacent reserve and environment while also enjoying the formalised play area.

    Having an un-fenced area onto the grassed reserve allows children to enjoy the new turf mounds and nearby grass hill while also using the playspace. It also allows older children to play ball and athletic activities while younger siblings are on the play equipment.

    We encourage parents and carers to actively play with/monitor their children while enjoying the playspace. Experience shows that children who enjoy play environments in the company of their parents or adult carers will experience significantly less injury than those who play in isolation from supportive adults.

    Natural barriers such as hedges and turf mounds can provide the same sense of containment as a fence, especially for small children.