Tree Net Inlet Pits

by yv at holdfast, 21 Mar 2019

What is a tree net inlet pit?

A tree net inlet pit is small unobtrusive grate and dish in the kerb and water table.

The grate goes horizontally through the kerb and into the verge which collects rainwater that flows along the roads kerb and water table. The grate is connected to a concealed collection pit in the verge that then filters the rainwater out into the verge which feeds the tree roots.

The dish is located in the water table and acts as a small collection point for the kerb grate. This dish also acts as a mini vortex which throws out big leafs and other debris so it does not clog up the grate.

Benefits of tree net inlet pits:

- promotes tree health

- reduce rain water pooling

- reduce stormwater surges

- reduced pollution to the oceans

- pollutants in stormwater are used as nutrients through tree uptake

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