Stage 1 - Community Engagement

In January 2023, we asked you to tell us your thoughts on what you think we should be doing to support the community to reduce emissions and prepare for or respond to climate change. We also asked what you think our future “climate-ready” southern Adelaide region should look like.

The feedback from this stage is provided in the Resilient South Community Engagement Summary Phase 1 document.

Stage 2 - Consultation on the Draft Plan

Thank you to everyone who responded. We used the feedback gathered through the broad engagement undertaken in Stage 1 (2022) to prepare the draft Resilient South Regional Climate Action Plan (ReCAP), which provides a strategic focus for the Resilient South councils to undertake adaption to a changing climate and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the region.

The draft plan has been developed through consultation with our key stakeholders, including the agencies that we work with, Kaurna representatives, young people, and a general community survey.

Consultation on the draft plan was undertaken in November and December 2023.

A summary of outcomes from this consultation on the draft Resilient South Regional Climate Action Plan (ReCAP) can be seen in the Resilient South ReCAP Consultation Report Summary.