Sturt River Linear Park Pathway

The 1.5km pathway extension to the greater 13km Linear Pathway has been identified as a highly important link that will provide numerous transport, recreation, and ecological benefits for the community.

The Sturt River Linear Park (SRLP) forms part of Adelaide’s Metropolitan Open Space System (MOSS). It is identified in the State Government’s 30-year plan for greater Adelaide as a specific target under its greenways policies. It seeks to establish a continuous public open space link from the Patawalonga Basin in Glenelg North to Frank Smith Park in Coromandel Valley, with links to the Belair National Park

This particular concept design has been developed to complete the ‘missing link’, the final stage in the existing Sturt River Linear Park pathway network. This final section for the Linear Pathway follows the Sturt River/ Warripari from where the existing linear pathway terminates at Pine Avenue through to Tapleys Hill Road in Glenelg North.

The proposed concept includes:

  • Clearly defined pathway (shared and others) designed for existing and future users in line with standards (including DDA, and Austroads standards for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Directional signage and interpretative signage to promote aspects of the corridor.
  • Public lighting with consideration to CPTED principles, lighting spill, and timers.
  • Biodiversity and greening opportunities.
  • Amenities such as seats, bins, shelters, drinking fountains.
  • Realignment and renewal of the Fordham Reserve Playspace.

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