Jetty Road Master Plan 2019 FAQs

    What is the Jetty Road Glenelg Masterplan project about?

    Planning alone will not make Jetty Road ‘sing’. A commitment to community involvement and response will allow Jetty Road to become an even more active place of meaning and connection that contributes towards the cultural environment and economic life of Glenelg and to metropolitan Adelaide.

    The Jetty Road Glenelg Masterplan was commissioned to establish a planning and design framework that will guide future works while maintaining the historical and distinctive character of the street. This includes the proposal of new interventions to enhance the street function and attractiveness as a destination.

    This includes proposed upgrades to enhance the street function and attractiveness as a destination over the next 5 – 10 years, with the intention of a future proof design that will enable the Jetty Road precinct to maintain its longevity into the next 30 years.

    What is a Masterplan?

    A Masterplan is a document that outlines a vision to how the development of the Jetty Road Glenelg precinct could look like over the next 10 years.

    Why are we doing a Masterplan for Jetty Road Glenelg?

    • The footpath assets are reaching the end of their usable life
    • We are looking to increase economic opportunities along Jetty Road and side streets by making it a more attractive place to visit, experience and do business.
    • Safer places to cross the road
    • Improving connectivity to Moseley Square and smaller lanes
    • Reduce tension between cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

    Why are you making changes to car parking?

    Jetty Road is a narrow street by traditional mainstreet standards.

    Currently, the traffic modes along Jetty Road are contested; with a mix of a tram, cars, cyclists and pedestrians. There is limited space to have all of these uses working together effectively and safely. Looking at how to share and make the existing spaces flexible is important in making best use of the space.

    One way to create these spaces and to ensure a pedestrian friendly environment by widening the footpaths. Widening of the footpaths and creating multi-use and flexible spaces will require removal of some car parking. At this stage, there has not been identification of specific car parking spaces for removal.

    As well as improving the street for pedestrians, removal of some car parking along Jetty Road will allow opportunities for an increase of outdoor dining where appropriate and additional tree plantings and greening along the street. 

    Final Masterplan

    Council endorsed the final Jetty Road Glenelg Masterplan Report at the meeting on 13 February 2018.

    The Masterplan will now provide an overarching framework to deliver a staged upgrade of Jetty Road Glenelg over the next 10 years.

    The final Masterplan report has provided these stages in an implementation plan with the priority project being the Chapel Street Plaza. The exact timing of the project implementation will be reliant on funding including from external State Government Funding sources

    What previous engagement has been done in relation to this project?

    Three phases of engagement over a total period of 20 weeks were undertaken during development of the Masterplan. Further engagement was undertaken during development of the detailed designs for CHapel Plaza and Hindmarsh Lane and will continue througouht design and construction for all phases of the project. 

    Who can I contact for more information?

    Send an email: Call us: (08) 8229 9999 Write a letter:Your View: Jetty Road Masterplan ‘Reply Paid 61’ PO Box 19, BRIGHTON SA 5048

    How long will all works take to upgrade the street?

    The masterplan works would be developed over a minimum 5-10 year period. The projects will be staged in a way to minimise disturbance to traders and will depend on funding available at the time. 

    What is happening to the tram stops?

    There are two proposals in the Draft Masterplan affecting tram stops.  

    The first is the removal of the tram terminus from Moseley Square and re-location on Colley Terrace. This would improve the Square and provide a connection to residents and businesses at Holdfast Shores Marina and service newly proposed and future developments, including the Lustro Building (Langham Hotel) at the current Comfort Inn site on Adelphi Terrace.

    The second proposal is alteration of Jetty Road's Tram Stop 16 platform design. The current platform design presents a safety issue for cyclists riding on Jetty Road. The design solution proposed is based on a platform design in High Street Melbourne and allows cyclists to ride up a ramp along the platform and back onto the road safely (see pages 88-91 of the Draft Masterplan for more information).

    We are currently working with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure on future design solutions for the tram stops located on Jetty Road as part of the masterplan process. 

    Are there improvements to cycling safety planned in the Masterplan?

    The cycling infrastructure for Jetty Road is being looked at a precinct wide level. The current focus areas for cycling investigations include; the connections to the Mike Turtur Bikeway and entry into Jetty Road, the access from Mike Turtur bikeway to the Augusta Street  entrance. 

    Improvements to Tram Stop 16 platform design are also being proposed to remove the pinch point for cyclist riding between the tram railings and the platform on Jetty Road. See pages 90-91 of the draft Masterplan for more information.

    Will cyclists be allowed down Jetty Road in the future?

    Yes cyclists will be allowed down Jetty Road, at this stage there are no plans to ban cyclists from Jetty Road.  The plan has specifically considered the cyclists connecting from the Mike Tutur Bikeway and provided a safe alternate route for cyclists along Augusta Street with a designated bike lane along a portion of the verge adjacent Brighton Road.

    Cyclists who wish to visit Jetty Road would be encourage to access the street with connections from the side streets. Installation of additional bike parking facilities near the intersections of these side streets and Jetty Road is also proposed.

    The existing north-south cycling connections from Colley to Moseley Street, from Gordon to Partridge Street and along the foreshore will remain and we will look at ways to improve/reinforce these important cycling routes. 

    What if there are not enough car parks in the Jetty Road Glenelg precinct?

    There are 3,039 car parks in the Glenelg precinct (Anzac Highway - Brighton Road - High Street - the foreshore). On-street car parking accounts for 1,092 of these spaces.  From a car parking study of the area completed in January 2017, we know that capacity only reaches a maximum of 69% in peak periods.

    The draft Masterplan proposed to remove approximately 38 of these car parks which accounts for only 3% of the on street car parking spaces and 1% of the total number of car parking spaces within the precinct.

    For the remaining on-street car parks along Jetty Road (approximately 66) will be short term parking of 30 minutes to allow a higher turnover of car parks, with the intent that more people can conveniently use these parks for shorter shopping trips.

    What are the proposed changes to car parking?

    There are no plans to remove all on-street parking from Jetty Road.

    The current proposed design concept is to reduce some of the on-street parking on Jetty Road to make space for pedestrians, plant more trees and more outdoor dining opportunities.

    Many on-street car parks will remain. We acknowledge that many people desire accessible, short-term parking for undertaking a variety of tasks on Jetty Road. 

    What is the Chapel Plaza and Hindmarsh Lane redevelopment?

    In 2020, the first stage of a redevelopment of Jetty Road Glenelg will begin with a $3.6million upgrade of Chapel Street and Hindmarsh Lane.

    The upgrade includes the partial closure of Chapel Street, which adjoins Jetty Road, to create a new public plaza with seating, public art and new trees and plantings and will create a new welcoming space for use by the local community.

    The improvements focus on enhancing the function, attractiveness and accessibility of the public spaces in and around Jetty Road Glenelg.

    Why is the redevelopment happening?

    The redevelopment is in accordance with the Jetty Road Glenelg Masterplan that will see the Jetty Road precinct redeveloped over the next 10 years. The redevelopment of Chapel Street and Hindmarsh Lane will enhance the street function and attractiveness, as well as improving accessibility and community use of the two areas.

    When will construction start?

    Construction will commence after summer in 2020 with a schedule to be confirmed in the New Year once a construction contractor has been appointed.

    Construction will be undertaken over winter to avoid the busiest trading months and will be developed to minimize disruption to nearby traders, residents and other stakeholders.

    The construction schedule will be communicated to affected businesses, property owners and residents well in advance of the works. 

    For the latest updates, visit

    Who is undertaking construction?

    A tender process is now underway to choose a construction contractor to undertake the work on behalf of the City of Holdfast Bay.

    Will the construction disrupt my business?

    The project team will aim to minimise disruptions by consulting traders on the construction schedule and ensure adequate promotion of business during construction. Any disruptions to essential services or access will work around business hours where possible or be notified well in advance.

    How much will the redevelopment cost?

    The redevelopment of Chapel Street and Hindmarsh Lane will cost $3.6 million. It is being funded by the City of Holdfast Bay ($1.7 million) and State Government ($1.77 million from DPTI’s Places for People fund, $100,000 from DSCI Changing Places Fund and $8,100 from DEW SA Heritage Grants Program.

    Will the upgrades include more trees?

    There will be 12 new tree plantings and a doubling of soft landscaping across Chapel Street and Hindmarsh Lane.

    The established Hackberry tree in the centre of Hindmarsh Lane will be removed. Although this tree provides good shade within the space, it requires significant ongoing pruning and is in poor health. The removal of the tree will allow the exiting vines to grow over the space to provide shade and enhance the accessibility, connection and visibility through the space.

    Will there be changes to the public toilets in Hindmarsh Lane?

    There will be an increase in public toilets from six to eight, including the addition of a Changing Places toilet for adults with profound disabilities.

    Will there be any permanent traffic changes?

    The construction of Chapel Plaza will permanently close the section of Chapel Street north of Milton Street. Traffic will be directed to Jetty Road via Milton Street.  

    Traffic management around the St Mary’s Memorial school will be closely managed and monitored during construction. Access to the school and businesses will be maintained.

    What Engagement and Community Consultation has been undertaken?

    Stakeholder engagement with impacted residents, businesses and land owners formed a significant part of the Masterplan and detailed design processes and will continue through construction. Council will consult with tenants and property owners directly adjacent the site and regularly communicate with those affected by the construction well in advance and throughout the delivery of the project.

    What will be done to support businesses during the construction?

    Traders will be consulted by the project team to minimise disruptions during construction. Any disruptions to essential services or access will work around business hours where possible or be notified well in advance.

    When will further redevelopment of Jetty Road take place?

    The Chapel Plaza and Hindmarsh Lane upgrade is the first stage of the Jetty Road Glenelg Masterplan that will see the Jetty Road precinct redeveloped over the next 10 years.

    How can I find out more information?

    Regular updates will be available on or contact the City of Holdfast Bay on (08) 8229 9999 to speak to the project team.